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Year 3 Day 175- The NEW YORK KNICKS are TERR-IBLE!

by admin on May 25th, 2006

So I found this NY Knicks pencil in my classroom…and it just set me off laughing, for numerous reasons that won’t be even remotely funny for you the reader if you’re not a basketball fan.

Reason 1- Even our kids who are some of the most uninformed sports fans in the world knew a NY Knicks pencil was not worth touching.

Reason 2- The lead always is broken on it, which is sort of symbalic I think. Everytime I pick it up off the floor no less, the lead is snapped…but the pencil just won’t go away.

Reason 3- Kids won’t use this pencil unless it’s the LAST pencil left. “I don’t want this F*’n pencil.” They’re not even basketball fans.

It’s funny, I feel sorry for the pencil in a way. It was cast out from a complete set no doubt, and now it’s destined to be the runt of my pencil box.

What’s better is 2 years ago I found a NY Knicks pencil in my classroom too…a different one, so this is possibly the start of a trend.

Only 9 days left, And I’m ready. I have the feeling 3 months off won’t be enough either.

Our district offered us 1.5% raise…I’m not sure whether to laugh, or be totally offended.

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