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Year 3 Day #172- Ah bloody Hell.

by admin on May 18th, 2006

Today sucked. I should just leave it at that. Going into detail really can’t even do justice as to how bad today was. I almost reduced myself to dropping f-bombs on kids.

I’ve mentioned that at this time of the year we have 2 types of students. Those close enough to graduation that they working feverishly, and those who aren’t, and thus could give a crap on what happens. These kids rarely do any work, and for whatever reason, can’t get motivated enough to just stay home. They come to school and wander. Tell their teachers they need to use the restroom, and then wander the campus in search of something. Who knows what.

It’s gotten too late in the year for me to condone this. I get yelled at if they’re caught wandering, so I can’t allow it. (Honestly, I’d love to let them all just leave.) As one teacher puts it, iWhat was funny in October is no longer funny in Mayi I had 7 different kids pestering me to use the restroom in 4th period. I believe maybe 1 actually had to use it. The rest just wanted to wander. The problem was that the kid with the hall pass wasn’t coming back. They all had to wait, so they took it out on me.

I said, iHey, blame your classmate, not me… if you handled your business like a responsible person, this wouldn’t be an issue.i

iYou’re so mean.i

I heard that about a billion times.

Add to this mess the fact we had blood drive #4050 today, and it was added chaos. Our VP tried to say, iThe blood drive went smoothly today, kids weren’t out wandering around.i

iOh they were… you were just not paying attention.i

ioh.i He said, and walked away.

I’m taking tomorrow and Monday off. I earned it.

Have fun Mr. Substitute.

Person #32 was seen two days ago…a small child

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