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Year 3 Day 169- freedom?

by admin on May 15th, 2006

So there’s an art job opening up in the area. I’m actually not sure I really want to apply for it. I AM, but I’m not sure I’d take it if offered to me. That’s weird to say… NORMALLY, I would’ve been all over any opportunity to get out… but had a good year here, and actually see some potential. Now I’m torn.

I’ve taken the liberty of compiling a pro and con list for each position.



Friends in district
Some potential for growth
New site
Home school money
Like the kids (most of eem)


Driving distance
No raise in 5 years
Lack of funding for my program
Lack of a fun atmosphere
Lack of positive encouragement from administration
Very limited upside (due to schedule and funds)
Possible drop in pay for a period of time


All art classes
Chance to build a larger program with more resources
New place
Typical high school events (games, etc.)
Cheaper insurance
More regular raises
Chance to move in the district
Better leadership

No Home School
Larger classes/school
Pay cut (possible)

So basically the main consideration is financial. I’d have to make roughly the same amount of money I make now or somewhere between my salary and my salary with home school. I can’t afford to take any sort of pay cut…

I’ll apply, and worry about this if I get offered the job. I left my application in the library printer on purpose. I wanted some one to see it and maybe realize that people here are willing to leave. It might affect how we’re treated. While it’s not horrid, it could be better. I think the staff here just wants some more appreciation for what they do.

Then this morning when I was thinking about this possible job the phrase…”The captain always goes down with the ship…” popped in my head…and I thought of George Clooney in Perfect Storm.

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