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Year 3 Day 165- Eddie’s Ghost and the Devil’s graduation

by admin on May 10th, 2006

Firstly, I’d like to begin by apologizing for the loss of a few posts… we had some server issues.

The school year is grinding to the end… .finally. I must say, the last month is definitely the hardest. I’ve had a couple near meltdowns (due to outside stresses) luckily nobody has been destroyed yet, me included. A kid asked to use the phone the other day, and I snapped. I was a little stressed, and for whatever reason that set me off.

iNo. Ok. No. I’m sick of people using my phone… you knew you needed a ride home yesterday right? RIGHT? YES, yes you did. You need to take care of your crap at home, not here. Not last minute… .ok… why can’t you just take care of this at home?… You can’t because that’s why you’re here! You’re a bad decision maker. If you or anyone asks me to use the phone again, I’m just going to break it. Throw it away… because I don’t need it. I take care of my stuff ahead of time.i

I was a little off kilter.

This part of the year is especially trying considering the kids who are NOT going to graduate know it already… so they stop trying. One of the reasons they stop trying is that we have no clear cut grade levels defined. Things here are organized by the amount of credits one has completed… so, really, there is no danger of not progressing to the next level if you stop trying. A student is not going to be iheld backi the way they might at a typical school. As a student, if there’s no threat of not moving on with your class, then trying to earn those 4 or 5 extra credits the last weeks of school is useless.

Graduation is so close, and funny, this year’s ieventi is on 6-6-6. Nice. (At 6pm no less)
I’m not sure if I should stay home or not. It’s an ominous, but strangely fitting sign. I would try and encourage the people handing out diplomas to wear horns, and carry a pitchfork, but I think the joke would be lost on 99% of our attendee’s.


-The O.H. is going to pass the 8th grade. Not because he’s a particularly shining student, but because A) I said that I would move him on if he was required to go to a community day school, or to our school next year. He would never handle a typical high school. B) Because I think he needs to be in one of the above programs, moving him on is the only way to get him in one… otherwise he stays in the same school he’s isignedi up for, even though he’s doing work from community day school. Very strange. The kid has to be enrolled in a regular school even though there’s no way he’d ever make it there, or be able to do any work… because, well, he’s special ed, and very much not welcome on their campus. I tried to get him enrolled in the community day program, being as he IS doing their work… but they couldn’t. This district makes very little sense sometimes.

-iCheck this out… .i He told me the other day, pointing to the large grim reaper statue, iIt’s uh incense burner… .smoke hella comes out the mouth.i

iYou should hook up with the antique road show, they’d love this… i



This kid has the inside track on random incense burners; the big eagle, and this one. This one was the best though… it reminded me of Eddie, the skeleton ghost that has graced all the Iron Maiden album covers… although this is better, because to the best of my knowledge, Eddie didn’t hella blow smoke out his mouth.

-I have also seen random people #29-31 in the past few days. The best was the man who claimed #31. He sat literally 2 feet from the door as I knocked, and didn’t even flinch. Who on earth (other than this guy) sits 2 feet from a (screen) door that is being knocked on and doesn’t at least turn to see who it is? I give him some credit though, Montel seemed particularly fired up about something… so his attention was impaired.

-The tutor is out of the slammer, and apparently ready to help with homework again. (THANK GOODNESS! He was so helpful before)

Yesterday as I left he told me, iHey, Hey… got my Xbox live working… took me 5 years, but I finally got it workin’… .it’s baaaaad… been playing it all day.i

iMake sure you get your work done, and don’t fall behind again… i

iI won’t… … 5 years… ..f***…’s hella bad.i

If it took me 5 years to plug in some wires… I’d be upset with myself.

I guess though, it shouldn’t though, it explains why he’s the way he is.

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