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Year 3 Day 160- B.O. days are back.

by admin on April 28th, 2006

Well now that we’ve gone directly from winter to summer, the B.O. has returned alongside the allergies to make the last session a total sensory nightmare.

The class smelled like a rotton yak’s testicle today, or at least how I imagine one might smell like.

just horrible.


Funny, we got our paycheck today, and there’s a really sad issue. In the beginning of the year the district over charged us $00 on our insurance for the year. We just got that back this paycheck. The funny thing is that we had to pay the districts taxes on that money. So instead of getting the full $400 they charged us we got $354…

Apparently, the only way they were even going to GIVE us the money was if we paid the taxes. The funny thing was that someone on our negotiation team agreed to it. What moron do we have negotiating for us? Isaiah Thomas? The sad thing is, because we don’t have any unity as a group, we’ll never do anything to let the district now we’re sick of the way we’re treated, and thus it will continue.


Not too much of an update, but while I was there yesterday…

“Hey check this out, what I bought my mom…”

I turn and look at a giant ceramic eagle statue…

“It’s an incense burner, put the cone thing under the base, and smoke comes out the beak….sweet huh?”

“Oh Yeah….real cool.”

That’s why I love my job….those Joe Dirt moments.

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