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Year 3 Day 158- Testing,

by admin on April 25th, 2006

Today is standardized testing day, and it sucks. The kids really could care less about the testing… no matter how hard we push it as being important, or give them incentives… they KNOW, in reality, it has zero impact on them. I have the worst testing group in history. I’ve written 5 referrals thus far, and I can say, these kids have put forth minimal effort… if that.

I’m going to tell the VP today either he makes some trades with particular students, or I’m calling in sick the remainder of testing.

Yesterday at OH, I saw two new people I hadn’t seen before. It was extra special because both of them were asleep on couches. One man’s legs were even blocking the doorway… .the entire time, my student was playing playstation. How does one play a video game comfortably with two random guys sleeping in the same room.

If you’re keeping record at home those would be #26 and #27

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