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Year 3 Day 157- Idiot Alert

by admin on April 25th, 2006

This is a recent article in our newspaper…I love people like this, he has my permission to come try my job for a week and see how he fares.

After a while, the average taxpayer has to get fed up with hearing how underpaid and unappreciated our schoolteachers are. It’s very obvious with what the governor tried to accomplish in the last election that when all those money-laden unions representing the teachers, fire and police pressure the system, they usually get what they want. Whether or not they deserve it is another question.

Recently a local public schools representative made comments that the schools in his district were 25 to 35 years old and needed lots of maintenance. What’s going on with our tax dollars? My goodness, the paint is barely dry on average buildings that age. Schools like homes will last 100-plus years, if those who are paid to maintain them did their job and made repairs as needed. All school districts have paid maintenance employees in their system who should be keeping up with weathering and destruction issues when they happen. Otherwise, fire them. It makes you tired to hear these folks whining all the time for more money.

My brother had two children who graduated the California school system many years ago. Neither one of them could read and it wasn’t detected until after they got in the work world. Yeah, we have a wonderful school system. It’s all about more money for the teachers, who always try to make their cases by using the children as excuses to fatten their purses.

Keep passing those school bonds when asked.

First off, I bet this guy hasn’t even LOOKED at what a teacher makes in a year.

Second off, the choices for maintence aren’t with the teachers, it’s with the district. If the man knew anything, he’d realize that most of the time teachers and district employees don’t quite see eye-to-eye on most issues.

As far as his brother’s two children (who would be his nephews) are concerned, spend some time in the education system…see how many people who can’t read get passed. I’m not saying its right, but you’d be surprised but most kids can fake it well enough to barely pass. Either by copying someone else’s work, having someone do their homework for them, and guessing on multiple choice questions.

A D- still passes, and I think most would agree, it doesn’t mean you understand the material.

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