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year 3 Day 155- Bonus

by admin on April 21st, 2006

Just thinking…we had this assembly today and gave out about $500 worth of gift cards, and cash to kids for taking their standardized testing seriously, and trying improving over last years score.

We’re pretty big here on having incentives for kids to make a better effort on their work.

Why don’t teachers get any rewards for added effort, or success? Warm fuzzy feelings of personal achievement fade fairly quickly, a pat on the back only goes so far, especially if you don’t believe it’s sincere.

We get rewarded with no raises, higher insurance rates, and lower budgets…so we have to spend some of our own dwindling money on supplies for our classes.

Being a teacher is AWESOME.

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  1. Jess permalink

    You said it yourself with the accreditation post. You have the hardest students to teach and all kinds of other obstacles in your way, yet you still do a great job. So, why give you more money? You’re doing great with so little now, why not leave it at that. Or maybe, let’s cut a little more out from under you and see how well you do with that.


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