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Year 3 Day 154- Winding Down

by admin on April 20th, 2006

I saw random person #25 yesterday at the O.H. – Long Haired, Bearded. I keep thinking, I must be giving a low estimate here…there seems to be more than 25 so far, but we’ll stick with 25. It’s so odd though, because the whole guise is that there is some sort of house renovating going on…and to the casual viewer, it would appear that way. Trash is created, hauled off, there are projects going on inside the house an out, all things you would associate with work. Only upon closer examination do things really get weird.

Projects are started, but never finished. It appeared there was a new wall being put up in one part of the house, it hasn’t been touched for 2 months. Although, I did notice yesterday some sheetrock had been set next to it. They’ve painted the outside of the house 2 times, but repainted the exterior window frames several times more, and currently they’re each a different color.

There always seems to be some sort of truck full of garbage in the front yard. What this trash is from I have no idea…but it gets taken away at some point, and then replaced with another.

The property has a pikey trailer on it in the back, and a few smaller outbuildings. I’m convinced one of these houses a meth lab…but I’ve never actually been out to that part of the property, so I can only assume.

This is either the most inept bunch of construction workers ever assembled, or they’re making meth, getting janked up on rock, taking cars apart, realizing they have no idea how to put it back together, and taking the parts to the dump.

The house is a scum pile that smells like foot and whizz. They own every single new DVD, Xbox, PS2 games that comes out…and live off of fast food…there has to be some sort of considerable cash coming in, I would wager that income is drug related in some shape or form.

part of me wants to ask if the kid knows where I might score some dankie coke rock…and see what he says, but part of me is afraid he’d pull it right out from under the couch. The whole situation is very odd…but yet, it is always interesting.

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