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Year 3 Day 152- Pay me.

by admin on April 18th, 2006

Well it was a good week off of work. I’ve said many times, I enjoy that time… but it’s always hard to get back into the swing. I was tired yesterday when I got home.

Our school keeps adding/enrolling new students with only a limited time left in a session. This HAS to change. Either we need to only let kids enroll in the first 3 weeks of a session, or make our sessions longer. Having a new student enter the class with only a week left in the session doesn’t do me or the student any good. They can’t earn any credit… so they’re wasting their time, and overcrowding my class.

I know it frustrates all the teachers here. Being as I have art, I get 90% of these new kids, I guess they feel art isn’t important enough for class size regulations. Whatever. I had a student try to tell me today she used to be albe to draw, but ever since she broke her hand, she can’t any more. I haven’t seen the kid who draws pot leaf comics for a few days. He’s still not doing any assignments I’ve given him…so he’s getting an F next week when the session ends. I’m also making the comment that ‘student work needs improving.’ Just to piss him off because he thinks he’s really good.

We finished our Accreditation process, and I think we’re going to get the full 6 year accreditation, which is the best you can do. I think it does a lot to show how good our staff is. We’ve moved school sites 4 times in the last 5 years, had 2 different principals, and gone through numerous curriculum, and methodology changes. Not to mention our type of student, who many would argue is the most difficult to teach. We still rocked.

The problem is, I don’t really feel appreciated for what I do. I feel more so than I did last year to be sure, but not as much as I should, especially after not getting a raise for 5 years. When we do get compliments, they don’t strike me as sincere. The admin. was talking yesterday about having $700 worth of prizes for kids so that they would try harder on their standardized testing next week… my thought was.

iWow, I’m glad the admin is really putting this type of effort in to making the kids care more about what THEY do, but what about doing something more so that we care about what WE do.i

In home school related news.

1) My OH did a lot of the work he was behind on… so I didn’t drop him… which is awesome, because I would’ve lost out on so many parts of what makes my day interesting, plus, I would never know the final number of random visitors they had, and if it reached 50.
2) I still haven’t gotten shot at the other place. I am hopeful though that it will be soon.

I heard yesterday that we’re NOT getting a raise next year, after we’ve been shined on to such for the past couple of months… I also heard our insurance is increasing by 10%…so I’ve got that going for me. I guess our new district CFO recently worked for a bankrupt district, so that’s encouraging.

We have no real unity as a district as far as teachers go. We suck. People are demanding we do something, to let the district know that we’re sick of them receiving C.O.L.A. money each year, and us not ever getting any of it. The problem lies in that nobody can figure out what that something should be, or how we should go about getting everyone on board. Our president of the union is pretty much useless, she tries, but her ideas A) suck, and B) nobody respects her, so they won’t do what she asks.

I doubt that me showing up to a board meeting is going to do anything to let the district know that I really would appreciate a raise. However, if someone could organize people, and we could get 50 teachers to call in sick for a week… I bet THAT would get some attention… and probably some money.

Oh well… 7 weeks, and we’re done.

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