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Year 3 Day some’n or another

by admin on March 21st, 2006


I meant to write yesterday, honestly… but, somehow I got busy. I spent all my time before school and most of the first period trying to get my projector and laptop working properly, so I could run my power point art history lesson. Finally, after an hour, I figured it out. The lesson went decently, although I was still pretty ticked about the fact it took over an hour to set up.

My newest home school student is interesting. I mentioned already that she is a very good student, and tries hard. Yesterday however, I was pushed to my limits. Nothing she did, but while I was trying to help her with her homework, her mom fell asleep on the lazy-boy, in about 45 seconds, and began snoring like a chainsaw. It was very difficult to keep from breaking down in hysterics.

It wasn’t just normal snoring either.

We’re talking stopped breathing, snore yourself into consciousness again snoring. Light fixtures rattling snoring.

iSo we’re looking in judicial branch of government and trying t—i


It stops you dead sentence. Seriously. What can you say? You’ve obviously been interrupted, and lost your train of thought… but there’s not really a comment that you can SAY out loud, and not be obviously lying, and further the awkwardness.

iWow, your mom sounds like a bear,i or, iDoes she ever stop breathing to the point you get scared?i maybe, “wow someone must be working on their car…”

You just have to be professional, and pick up where you left off… because quite honestly, it’s embarrassing for the kid too. Her mom is buzzing like Evinrude, and she has to try and pay attention. I felt worse for her. This would be the second time someone has fallen asleep while I educate their kids…

This girl lives in the ghetto too. I fear for my life every time I park. It’s obvious I DON’T fit in the neighborhood, and I get the evil eye every single time. I think they might assume I’m a parole officer or something, so they don’t mess with me… but I wouldn’t be surprised if a car drove by, stopped, rolled down the window, yelled, iBrace yo’self FOOL!!!ii and proceeded to unload a full clip on me. I need hazard pay.

Back to the way it was…

I think today is going to be another day where I need to sit down with my original home scholar, and give him ithe-get caught-up-or get droppedi talk again, maybe I can get his itutori back in the room too, and let him have another crack. He was probably like, iDude you’re doin that multiplicationatin’ maf’ I cain’t do that sh**. You wan’ me to READ too, F*** you, you on yo’ own.i

Living there seems like both a horrid and awesome existence all wrapped into one for an 8th grade kid. ON the good side…

-How cool would it be to be in 8th grade, have no supervision
-Eat Burger King or pizza rolls all day
-Play video games 18 hours a day until your eyes swell shut
-Watch DVD’s that you bought with some sort of social security check.
-Have very little discipline
-Sleep in until 3 everyday
-and have no rules on how you spent your money.

That Must be kind of cool for a 13 year old.

The downside, which is tremendous, would be;
-Having no friends.
-Not being able to tell what the menu says at Arby’s.
-Lacking the basic nutrition and hygiene to allow your body to defend itself from infection.
-Living in a place that looks like the set to COPS the movie.
-Having over 18 people’s names to remember, should you be awake when they come over.
-Constant construction going on with no result.
-A father who may or may not be running a meth lab.
-Having some dickhead come wake you up everyday at 3 to do math, and vocabulary.

The whole situation is sad. I know I’m thankful I don’t live there, or that I didn’t grow up that way. It’s really too bad. There is absolutely nobody who gets on that kid to accomplish anything. That’s one reason I feel bad about just dropping him from the program. While I get sick of him not doing anything, I may be the only sane person he comes in contact with on a daily basis.

It’s like, I would absolutely own my kids worlds if they acted like him, there’s no way they’d even comprehend what a television or video game was if they were that retarded.

All the Montel and Judge Joe Brown he watches, you’d figure something positive would set in.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Man, some of my dinner got lodged in my throat thanks to this post. That picture is awesome.

    You know what would be a fantastic treat for us faithful readers? You should take pictures of some of these human oddities. Seriously, how hard would that be?
    I want to see this weird, perpetual-yet-meaningless construction project, and all these semi-feral children.

    Can you get on that for us, champ?

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