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Year 3 Day 135- Sinking ship

by admin on March 16th, 2006

You can mark today as the day that the district ship began to sink. I’ve heard from some fellow teachers who were at the board meeting last night, that…sorry, let me give you the back story first.

The district needs to modernize a lot of its sites, which costs a ton of money. To make a long story short, they way under budgeted that cost. Blame it on poor management, high construction costs, hurricane Katrina, weevils, whatever… bottom line they’re about 6+ mil short, and projects are unfinished.

Speed back to last night’s board meeting. The new plan is to re-fi the mortgage on the high school, to generate more cash, to complete the projects they started, but it’ll cost them about 500K a year in payments on this re-fi. That money would under normal circumstances be considered to be used for salary increases.

The district HOPES to pass another bond to cover the costs, and pay back the re-fi… but passing a bond in this district is like pulling teeth from out of a newborn. Especially after you misused the money from the last one.

iHey we know we screwed up the first bond money, but could you pass another school bond for us… i

This whole ordeal led to the questioning, iwell does this mean we’re not getting a raise for 20 years, while you pay off this re-finance?i

The answer, iIt probably does.i

I think the teachers feel that we were JUST told last week by the super, and his finance guru that they were trying very hard to make it so we got a 3% raise next year… and hopefully more… now they come out and basically say,

iyeah we were just f***kin with you… we had this re-fi thing planned a long time ago… sorry. i

My feeling today was that the teachers will be more than willing to sink this ship if that’s how it’s being run.

I’m taking tomorrow off, not out of protest… but because of March Madness… 4 other teachers here are as well, but out of protest. One of the only leverage items the district had on us, was that the teachers lacked a common goal to unite against, thus, we weren’t ever a threat to do anything severe… but last night would push everyone over. Tomorrow may be a hard road for finding substitutes.

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