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Year 3 Day 134- Posters

by admin on March 15th, 2006

I hate poster contests, and I think I can speak for 90% of the art educators in the world. They’re a waste of time, and an almost useless teaching tool. The problem lies that every non art teacher/administrator seems to think the art dept NEEDS to do them. I get fliers in my box for at least 10 poster contests a year. I throw them all away.

Honestly, poster contests lend themselves better for Economics than art… posters are all about marketing something; Mothers Against Drunk Driving, Anti-Smoking, No Drugs, Muppet Abuse, whatever… so teaching a unit on advertising, and marketing would be more fitting than trying to get kids to apply art skills to a poster about how drugs are ruining everything.

Anyway, I was approached for a poster contest the other day, and stupidly agreed to have some kids do it. I’ll pick the worst art kids to do it… because posters ultimately become a disappointment anyway. I remember doing them and semi-caring about the results in 3rd grade or thereabouts.

I put up a ton of artwork in my class today, it looks sweet. We have our accreditation review in April, and everyone is nervous about it. They published our report and gave it to us for our perusal. Comical.

They took the teacher survey we all filled out, and basically threw out our results. They published results, just not the ones we filled picked. 5 of the 7 teachers selected they eStrongly disagreed’ when asked if they felt appreciated here (we know it was at least 5 because we all filled them out together.) Somehow it was 5 of 7 that agreed they felt appreciated, 1 strongly agreed, and 1 felt neither.

The administration basically made their own results, making us all seem happy… .what they failed to realize is that when they ask US in person what we think, we’re really going to be honest, and they’ll notice the contradictions…

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