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Year 3 Day 127- Updates

by admin on March 8th, 2006

-Wow. My classes are HUGE. They’re still better than my 4th period last session, but they’re big. Nothing exciting has happened so far this session. Most kids are still trying to act like they’re trying, give ’em a week and they’ll try and push me.

-I heard that the district has taken too much out of our checks to pay medical insurance, like $400 too much… and instead of giving it BACK to us, they’d like to just apply it to the phantom raise we may get next year. Uhm… no.

That’s the type of district we’ve got though. They’d give you the money they already owe you, and then claim it was a raise.

-My new home school student is interesting. She’s a very good student, or at least she always has her homework done… and tries very hard. It’s nice compared to the other kid, Who I’ll discuss shortly.

This house though, has enormous amounts of STUFF everywhere. It smells nice, and is clean… it just has cluttered shelves, full of trinkets. I counted 27 candles in some kind of holder in just the little area I was in. There were motorcycle statues, like 5 of those, a picture of Steve Young next too a football card of him. Who has a picture of Steve Young in a sweater, that isn’t related to him? It was kind of creepy. It’s like a museum, you don’t really see everything the first go around. It takes several trips to pick up all the subtleties. There is a dream catcher above the TV the size of a VW bug. There are a ton of pictures, some of an old dude, who I’m assuming is dead… and above the pictures are these Tom Landry style hats, that I assume belonged to the dead guy. That’s creepier than the Steve Young picture. I’ll be sure and find out today what else is lurking on the shelves.

-My other kid has gone right back to the ways of old. He’s still behind, and almost as far behind as he was when he had his little iget caught upi streak. I thought I put my hand in pee yesterday, which almost killed me. I grabbed a pencil off the floor (cuz that’s where they keep eem) and put my hand in a puddle. There had been a puppy there 3 days a go, and I assumed… that I just put my hand in its urine puddle.

iDude, If I just put my hand in dog pee, I’m never coming back here again… i

iThin’ it’s soda… i

I smelled my hand, and it was soda, THANK GOD. I’d have screamed, and never came back if it weren’t… money be damned. There is no amount of cash that can make you feel comfortable grabbing a piss infested pencil off the ground.

I’ve also been keeping track of random people I see there, and the total is up to 17. I’ve seen 17 different people there. I tell you it’s a meth-lab, and sooner or later, I’m going to be there when it gets brought down. Nobody there looks or acts normal. The guy who said he was a tutor, and guaranteed he’d have the kid caught up seems to have forgotten who the hell I am. It’s so weird. The puppy I saw a few days ago, not around any more… I think it died, or they ate it. Neither would surprise me.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    I think you need to have a contest of some sort, in which the winner would be awarded the opportunity to accompany you on a visit to one of your home school kids (of the winner’s choice).

    That would be awesome – kind of like a police “ride along”, but with the Captain.

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