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Year 3 Day 125- Session V

by admin on March 6th, 2006

Well session 4 ended, thank the Lord. No more crazy class from hell…
The new session started today, and I’m mainly just glad it’s a new group. My classes are larger this time around, I’m not really sure why, but they’re big for this school. Most of the troubled kids from last session are in other classes this time though, that’s nice.

The art gallery opening was pleasant on Friday. Our kids didn’t win anything, but that’s O.K. after seeing what DID win, I don’t feel bad. Art is subjective for sure, but the judge had to have been high, or something…I wouldn’t even have excepted half the work as being finished.

Oh well, more goals for next year. I spoke with the art lady from the other high school, and she’s a piece of work. Like I said, nioce lady, she just tries WAY too hard to be hip. I heard her use the words, “The BOMB”, and “BOMB Diggity.” To describe some artwork. This lady is older than my mother. If my mother EVER uttered the words “bomb diggity” to describe anything, I’d give her a fore arm shiver to the temple, I’m not kidding.

I was happy to see that the art world was just as annoying as ever though. Pretentious, and fake…just like they were when I was in college. This week is going to DRAG on forever, I just know it. Friday is an in-service day, which sucks…and I’m leaving town that afternoon, so the whole event should be even more stressful. I’ll be sure and keep you posted. The event is on literacy, I may keep a running journal of the even to keep from going totally insane.

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