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Year 2 Day 131- Cuts like a knife….na na na na na na na

by admin on March 13th, 2006

You might as well count things at the old home school student as being back to the way it was. I told him on Thursday, the minute I know for sure my other student is staying on our program until the end of the year… He’s done if he’s behind. I counted 1 new more person there as well, bringing the total up to 18 if you’re playing the home game.

There is a huge fan with an Indian on it at the other house I go to. That’s the random tidbit of dEcor I’m adding for the day. There is also a small rocking chair, I don’t know who sits in it, but it isn’t a child, nor a normal sized adult. I’m hoping I’m there and it belongs to a midget. I’d love it if they had a midget they knew so well they bought him his own chair. so he could come over just to sit, and smoke a pipe.

I’m starting to get a better feel for my new classes, as well as some of my new students. I have a couple good ones. By good I mean, interesting, and entertaining. I have one student who is very quiet, and respectful but to a fault. He bows to me whenever I do something for him. I loan him a pencil, he bows when he gets it and returns it. I let him use the restroom, bows. I help him shade something, bows. It’s friggin’ ridiculous, and it’s starting to bug me. I could never teach in Japan. This kid is also a ‘cutter’. Anyone who knows anything about mentally unstable people knows what ecutters’ are. They inflict pain on themselves for some weird reason. I’m not too sure of the reasons behind it, but basically, they take a knife, fingernail, anything, and cut these slashes on their arms… it’s like a means of acting out, or dealing with pain. My wife had a friend who did it, and she was a mental wreck, tried to end it a few different times. I’ve gathered that ecutters’ are they types that try and end it, and usually don’t succeed, or even really want to… they just want the attention. I figure as long as this kid keeps bowing to me, I’ll either be the first or last one he shoots when he goes postal.

Here’s an article about cutting. I don’t know when taking an exact-o knife to oneself is ever a good idea, let alone something that I would think of spontaneously. The discussion also gets good when they start making the cutting, into a racial thing.

Here’s a quote I found entertaining.

rekowall: How do you keep from cutting when the need becomes unbearable?

Janay: I think of the kids. I’m going to be a preschool teacher. It isn’t something a teacher does. Or I cry and hyperventilate ( a lot), but afterwards I’m exhausted and I fall asleep.

So you know I don’t cut, because it isn’t something teachers do. Teachers don’t cut. But we do cry and hyperventilate because that’s healthy, and the more emotionally stable thing to do.

I have another student who is obnoxious, in that she just blurts out stuff that doesn’t make sense, and is usually mildly offensive. The kids have a hard time putting up with her too.

Today we were having a discussion about the gap between college graduate incomes, and high school graduate incomes, and how the gap is decreasin, due to things like increased demand for construction and outsourcing limiting jobs for college trained individuals in certain fields. I asked the question, ‘knowing that a college education may lead you to earning less in certain fields than it did a few years ago, how does this affect you feelings on only having a high school education, and about going to college?’

“Cuz I don’t wanna be f****n’ poor.” shouts this girl.

I was lost. Thankfully a student who spoke her language, chimed in.

“Don’t worry this article doesn’t have anything to do with the welfare benefits, you’ll be just fine.”

She really didn’t get the insult, even though it was a double axe handle to the face in terms of being a blunt insult on her white trash heritage.

“Well they don’t pay me n’nuff.” She said, and went back to trying to read her book.

Needless to say the conversation fell apart shortly after that.

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