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Year 3 Day 111- Enter the Dragon

by admin on February 21st, 2006

Well, I got word we had 4 pieces accepted into the art show. IT was about 30% of what I entered…not too bad. I agree fully with two of the accpeted works, and not so much on the other 2, but for a school our size, 4 is pretty damn good.

Now, if we could only get a few awards….that’d be the best.

I’m going to go by today, and view the show…if it’s hung.

I had my 5 year old with me today…all day. He and the kids actually got along fairly well. My 4th period was actually well behaved. We got 3 new female students in the class, and that brought the testosterone level down some. I might also mention 5 students were gone today. Either way, it was nice.

This year is fast ending…and I’m 2 sessions away from being able to say, “I made it.”

The salary/raise thing hasn’t budged in negotiations one bit, and that is frustrating, but it can all be credited to two things.

1) Poor leadership in our union

2) A distinct division between high school and elementary school teachers, and their wants.

Because our elementary school teachers make a little more than the area average, they’re content to not ask for anything, and just play it low-key. Our High School teachers are about 11% behind the rest of the area high schools, so we’re ready to shoot. NOW, in order for our union to run effectively, both sides need to agree to support the other when they want to fight for something.

So far, that’s not happening. Add to it, the fact that our Elementary teachers outnumber our high school teachers, and it makes voting on anything impossible.

Plus, add to it the fact that the leadership roles aren’t willing to try and unify people for a reactionary position to what’s happening.

Saying, as teachers we need to tell the district something like.

“Hey, it’s been 4 years since we’ve had any kind of addition to the salary schedule, and that’s a bunch of crap, because the world is getting more expensive, and we’re not able to grow with it…if we don’t get brought up to the other districts in the area, then we’re going to start having a lot of educators come down with that bird flu that’s going around…”

If nothing happens, and teachers start missing days during the week of standardized testing…I would bet it wouldn’t set well with the admin. The problem is, nobody is willing to take a serious stand…the district says they have no money, and the teachers believe it.

it’s frustrating to observe. In addition, our superintendant is a bit intimidating, and nobody wants to get on his bad side, for fear of being shipped to Siberia…so nobody sticks their neck out. What we need are retired teachers, or those nearing retirment to be negotiators, that way he has no leverage on them.

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