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Year 3 Day 109- Random man

by admin on February 16th, 2006

So, yesterday ended up being a good day for my home school kid, despite what I wrote… It was almost prophetic the way it happened. I showed up, and there was this guy there, who seemed to be generally concerned with the child’s educational progress. It wasn’t his father, and he smelled like Coors, but he seemed concerned… and guaranteed me he would complete all his work and be caught up very soon.

When someone who smells like banquet beer tells you a guarantee, you have to believe it right?

The kid actually had some work done too… amazing. The guy said he “used to be one of them tutor’s in school…them guys who help the other kids..”

He sure sounded like it…

Well it’s off to 4th period, and seeing if I can make it through without going crazy.

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