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Year 3 day 108- Stupid White Folk

by admin on February 15th, 2006

I’m still in the process of matting all the artwork for the show, it’s all due Friday. I’m right on schedule to have it all done by then.

I know I’ve mentioned it, but I despise my 4th period class, well 90% of it anyways. They’re terrible. Today is mellow, because 5 of them are home with no ailments, just sick of school. I have 1 poor girl in the class, and 1 very good artist, and they’re subject to the stupidity of the rest on a constant basis… .I feel bad for them. If I were to blow a gasket, and curse out a student, it’d definitely be in this class. Thanks God, there is only 2 weeks left in the session…

I have one kid, who is in the Indian Ed. Program, who is also extremely iwhite pridei. This makes no sense to me. If someone could explain how somebody of ethnicity could classify themselves, or WANT to classify themselves as iwhite pridei please let me know. It’s hilarious to observe, but at the same time… very sad. I assume most kids like this do it to try and fit in, but it’s still silly.

One thing I’ve noticed about most white pride kids, is they are anything but the pride of white people, in fact their the most un-shining example of a white person. Like, if you were putting on display the most prestigious examples of each ethnicity, would ANY white pride person even be on the first million pages of best example of a white person? Most of them can barely read, write, and speak poorly. They have very little to be proud of as a HUMAN, let alone stellar example of a particular ethnicity. It’d be like Native Americans taking the drunken Indian from behind the bingo shed and throwing him out as an example of Native American achievement.

I really wish things made more sense sometimes.

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