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Year 3 Day 108- Home is where you leave your crap.

by admin on February 15th, 2006

Well I hate my home school student. Really, it’s beyond just disliking him…at least he’s graduated in one department. He’s never done with any work…ever. He routinely explains he’ll have it done, the proceeds to sleep for 22 hours a day, and get nothing done other than playing Tony Hawk 347, and eating half of his McDonalds.

I’m really in a bind as to how to get rid of him. I don’t want to have him any more, but if I don’t take him, he’s really as good as done with school forever. Nobody in that house has the motivation enough to cook ramen, let alone do something like school.

Yesterday I had to yell at him to wake him up. (That’s the second day in a row, if you’re interested.) I can see him through the screen door, asleep on the couch, where’ he’s probably been lying since the day before when I left.

When I finally got his attention, he just laid there staring at me like he had no idea what was going on. To his credit, he really probably had no idea what was going on. Finally he came and answered the door.

To preface this…there was a guy out front, just hugging this skanky white trash lady when I arrived. They looked at me briefly, then continued to hug…I hadn’t seen either of these two before (and I’ve seen well over 30 different people there this year total) Finally the guy looks at me knocking on the door, and says…”Oh door locked? I’ll go get —- for ya’iThen he leaves…only he never comes beck, or goes inside the house to let me in, or wake up the kid. Weird.

When the kid finally realized I wasn’t a part of his imagination, he let me in, and proceeded to tell me he was “Sleeping the days, and awake for the nights…” This was why his work wasn’t done.

“Well do your work while you’re awake at night…” I told him.

“Like, I can’t, because the lights aren’t on.”

I was lost for words…partly, because the stupid Pizza Hit or Dominos commercial instantly came to my head, where the guy saves so much money on his pizza, his kids can afford “lamp time.” I was thinking, “Wow, maybe they only have a certain amount of lamp time a day, and he chooses to waste it watching Montel. (Or sleeping through Montel as the case turns out.)”

So anyway, I need to figure out what to do. I’ve got another student for after school now, who does all her work, and actually can write and read…so the money isn’t an option…I just need to figure out what to do…he’s signed up until the end of the year. I have a hard time failing him, because, really how do you fail when the work is so easy, and you have all this time…for me to spend all this time on him, and have him fail…looks bad for him…and also for me.

I think what I’m going to do is give him the rest of this month to catch up. If he’s behind at all when this month is up, He’s dropped. I’m also going to try and get a hold of mom, let her know what’s going on…maybe she has some sort of connection that’ll help him get focused.

He told me that he would be caught up with yesterday’s work today…but I highly doubt it. I’d bet money he’s not. I’ll let him know his situation today, and then try and get a hold of mom tomorrow, and let her know.

I think the dog is the only sane person in that family.

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