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Year 3 Day 103- Lockdown.

by admin on February 7th, 2006

Our school just went on Lockdown. That means something seriously screwed is going on. I have no idea…I’m just on prep, surfing the net. Guns could be blazing out front far as I know. I peeked outside, 3 cop cars in the lot.

I have 1 kid here, now stuck here until lockdown is over. A teacher came in and gave me the whispered…”we’re on lockdown.”

Then he left and locked the door behind him.

Lockdown means either

A) Someone freaky wandered on campus
B) A report of something serious went down, like a gun on campus.

I was joking about it this morning, that now that one of our more psycho students has been kicked out, he has no reason to not blow the school up….


my stomach may pick this as the time it decides to meltdown again….lockdown be damned…I ain’t crappin’ my pants to be safe.

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