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Year 3 Day 102- Special Olympics

by admin on February 6th, 2006

My stomach still isn’t right after I returned from Central America. Maybe I got some weird bacteria infection. All I do know is whatever I have in my stomach isn’t fond of mornings, or coffee… both those things tend to upset it, and cause meltdown.


Our basketball tournament went decently on Saturday. I didn’t like spending my Saturday watching low level basketball, but I think I get a comp day out of it, so that’s decent. The first game we were short handed, so I had to play. It was fun, but also frustrating, because I got myself all worked up to keep playing, and when the rest of our team finally showed up, I was done for the day. I had to sit around and watch them get beat down in 2 of the 3 games.

My stats. 4-5 shooting 9 pts 3 rebounds 1 assist in 1 quarter of play. We only had 11 points in the quarter.

I felt pretty Kobe-esque at times. I also felt like I was playing in the special Olympics. The 4 guys on my team had no organized basketball experience what-so-ever, and ran around the floor like a bunch of cracked-out Muppets. I tried to tell them where to go, but they didn’t listen. When I told one of them we were going to play a zone defense, he looked around like there should be marks on the floor for him to stand on.

The rest of the first game was a blow-out. They lost the second game by 5… but managed to win the 3rd by 20. The kids thought they were pretty good that game, and show-boated a bit… but they really were playing a special Olympics team for the most part. That team was sh***y.

iYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY I get to bounce da orange thing YAAAAAAAAAAY!!!!i

Today is the last Monday for a few weeks due to the dead presidents days… .that’s pleasant.

A Thief Among us…

I saw a kid messing with my cupboard today, and 4 pastels are missing out of a box. I confronted him in the gym and asked him to return my pastels, and he claimed ignorance.
iI saw they was opened, and I was messing with eem but I didn’t take any.i
iWell if anything bad happens with them, like someone writes profanity with one in the hall… you’re going to get blamed… so even if you DIDN’T take them, you’re going to get nabbed… tell you what, find them for me by the end of the day, and I won’t write a referral on you.i
iI saw they was open, but I didn’t take none… I just messed with eemi
iYes, you mentioned that…that’s going to be pretty suspicious sounding when I turn it into the office… so just find them, and get them back… so your name stays clear. Your P.O. is going to be really upset if you’re a theft suspect… i
iI- wuz ju-i
iI know you were messin’ with them… just get them back.i

My fourth period class is so dysfunctional it’s almost comedic. If they weren’t so annoying, I’d be more inclined to laugh it all off. They ALL lose their work from day to day, they can never decide on a project to start, and they complain about EVERYTHING.

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