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year 3 day 98

by admin on January 31st, 2006

Due to the busier schedule this week, I may not be writing as much,(or little) as I normally do. I have basketball all week… which makes my after school writing time non-existent.

A few interesting subplots of the week thus far.

-A kid who smells like a beaver damn got a second lip piercing. He showed me this morning… like I would somehow find it exciting.

-My fourth period class sucks. One kid was on the cell phone 3 times today… .if I thought I wouldn’t get in trouble, I’d take it and smash it. I wrote him a referral, which may or may not do anything.

-The county art show is coming up soon, and I still have no mats or anything to frame my entries… hopefully tomorrow that will change.

-Our basketball team is crappy. I bet we lose all our games this year. The guy who is on our team seems to think they’re better… I don’t think so… They don’t have any on the floor leadership, they’re weak in 3 of the 5 positions… and the best player will get in a fight the first game… I’d bet on it.

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