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year 3 day 93- Hello dad, I’m in jail.

by admin on January 25th, 2006

The new term is pretty good. I do not like first period prep… that’s for sure. I enjoy being able to wake up minus students, that’s nice. Having no real break the remainder of the day, when you’ve had either 5th or 6th period prep for the past 8 years is tough. It’s class after class from 9:30 on.

I get a bit wore out.

My first art class is awesome.

My economics class is also awesome.

My 2nd art period of the day is a challenge. It’s 99% boys. They are in a constant pissing contest with one another. 85% of the students in there are 1st semester art students, so they haven’t gotten used to me, or the subject yet. If there is a fight in my class this year, this will be the class it is in. I guarantee.

We have every kind of disagreement possible. So far those include.

Who can drink the most?
Who can smoke the most pot?
Who is the best fighter?
Why white people are better.
Who is the best rapper?
What is the best street bike?
What is the best dirt bike?
Who was the drunkest at the last party?
Who will be the first to get stabbed by a kid on campus?
Who will be the first to hit such and such.

Etc, etc, etc…

The rest of my classes are very well behaved. I’ll get this one whipped into shape, you can believe that.

Yesterday I finally got to talk to my home school student’s dad… who (shock) was unaware his kid was failing. He knows now how far behind he is. We’ll see if he tries to make him work. Before I left, I took the list of what he needed to get done and stuck it to his wall. (His walls were full of nails, and I just stuck it on one)

His dad was having a phone conversation for a majority of my time there that went something like this.

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- I need the internet for that?

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- I have to have the internet for that?

Phone- (not audible)

I HAVE to have the internet for that?

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- But I have to have the internet?

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- oh.

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- So I need the internet?

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- I see.

Phone- (not audible)

Dad- but I have to have th- the internet right?

Then finally the pain ended, and I’ll never know what exactly he was trying to do… but I do know for sure, he needed the internet.

Before I left their phone rang (I guess they paid their bill, it’s back on) and it was a call from jail. Someone was calling them from jail… the voice said. To accept this call- press 1. To deny this call- press 2. To block any further calls from the ——- county jail- press 3. They sat stupidly trying to figure out who it was… which means they have multiple friends/family members in jail.

iOh it’s ———-ithe kid finally said.

They didn’t answer the phone… and the caller didn’t leave a message.

There was some random lady there too, hadn’t seen her before. She was commenting how they needed a maid. The “guys” didn’t seem to fazed by the fact the dog was destroying their house, and the fastfood pieces were everywhere…ans now there have been broken dishes added too. It’s really a special sight to see.

…and today, how the fun continues.

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