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Year 3 day 89- Gone.

by admin on January 13th, 2006

I’m ready to leave… although, getting everything in order is a chore. I have to get lesson plans together for nearly a whole week, and not only that… it’s the first week of a new session… which makes it extra difficult. I’ll have all these new students who aren’t aware of my expectations, and I need to tell the sub what to do, so that he/she gets the kids off to a good start… otherwise I’ll be cleaning up a large mess when I get back.

Just when you thought they were sane…
Yesterday I had the pleasure of listening to the kids discuss the various types of fruits they’ve smoked pot through. A debate arose whether a pear or apple was the best. Both sides remained convinced their fruit was superior…but both agreed eating the ipipei afterwards was “the best”.

Come to find out at least 4 people in my first period class have handled a rattlesnake at some point in their lives. Amazing. I’m really trying to give these kids more credit. Believing that they’re smarter than I’ve thought in the past… but then I find out 25% of my class has played with rattlesnakes… and it just shatters that ideal I was working on.

I’ve also found out basketball is coming back, and I’m coaching. I’m not too terribly disappointed, I like basketball. I just was not really too pumped, due to the severe lack of natural athletic ability we have here.

I put up an art display at our local county education office… I must say speaking from personal opinion, that our artwork is superior to the other high school in our district. I can only compare ours against theirs in projects that we’ve both done… but in every case ours are better. The art lady over at that school while she is nice, she just excepts mediocrity.

One thing I’ve learned is that (especially here) if you accept mediocrity, that’s exactly what you’ll get.

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