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Year 3 Day 80-something

by admin on January 6th, 2006

Well, the week is finally over. I’ve readjusted to being back just in time for the weekend to hit…perfect.

Some days I really think I should go back to the sitting at my desk, writing assignments on the board way of doing things. It was so much easier to get good tings to write about when I was just a fly on the wall.

Now I do too much, and the poor kids don’t have time to act out.

Today we did have something exciting go down though.

Let me give you the pre-story. Yesterday there were rumors that someone had a gun on campus…mainly because a kid here was threatened with one over the weekend, and he thought that they were on campus ready to finish the job. Many were questioned, and the police dept. was on campus for several hours. Kids were panicked the way they always do when the cops show up. I heard squeals of “Gun-Sniffing dogs” on campus. Kids were flipping out, leaving early. Cops on campus in any capacity send the kids into a frenzy.

Well this morning before school as I sat on my computer, trying to figure out how to play hold ’em for longer than the 1 hour free trial…I was jolted back to reality by what sounded like a gun shot. I fell under my desk…then I noticed the power went out with the explosion, I quickly realized it probably wasn’t a drive by. It was exciting though.

It turns out we busted a transformer, and it took about 30 minutes to get fixed. For a brief minute, I was thinking I’d get to go home early. No such luck.

The main catastrophe was moving the coffee pots into the gym (which still had power for some reason)

Today we had to do our annual voting for iteacher of the year.i Again, I voted for myself. I’ve heard rumors that we’re not going to be able to go to the conference this year, due to severe lack of funds. That depresses me. Because, while I like going, I’m not sure I want to PAY for it. It’d be about $700 for me to go… maybe if I get nominated for teacher of the year, I could go for free… but who knows. I do, in all honesty, feel I’ve done the most to actually deserve a nomination this year.

If any loyal captain reader(s) want to send me to the state conference this year you can sponsor me, and I’ll wear a shirt with your company logo on it for the duration of the conference.

iThis conference attendee was sponsored by… i

Hopefully we’ll come across some funding, and be able to go… The teachers and I are still in need of that weekend away together though, so we’ve discussed going somewhere else that weekend if we don’t get funded. If we’re going to have to pay, we might as well go somewhere cheaper. I’ll be sure and keep you updated though.

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