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Year 3 Day 79- Back in the New Year

by admin on January 2nd, 2006

Wow. I didn’t see today coming. I thought we’d have today off like most of the world. Nope. I swore we did too, until about 5pm last night… .when my dreams of another day of vacation came down on my head.

I was at my mom’s house, when she said… .iSo you have to go to work tomorrow… i

iNo, I don’t.i I said, iTuesday, we go back Tuesday.i

To preface this conversation, I ran into a co-worker at the video store a few days earlier, and he asked… iSo you ready for Monday?i

iMonday?i I said, iWe go back on Tuesday… i

iPretty sure it’s Monday… i He responded…

iNO… our districts retarded, but not THAT retarded to schedule us on a day nobody else has to work… i

iYou might be right… i He said, and continued on his way.

SO back to last night… my mom comes in with the comment… iThat’s not what the paper says… i and hands me a copy of the days paper.

Sure enough, on the front it says our district starts today, and every other district in the planet start tomorrow, or Wednesday.


Fortunately, our kids, while they try, tend to side with any news that’ll allow them to miss school… 75% of them decided tomorrow was a better option, and stayed home the extra day.

The really sad thing is, nobody feels sorry for us. The general attitude is…”Shut up…you just got off a 2 week vacation, and you’re bitching about going back a day early…I don’t care…boo-hoo for you.”

Battle Lines

This year has been weird, thus far. I feel like Switzerland. There is a definite line being drawn here, between the Admin. and its supporters… and the others. My problem is I’m not on either side really. I like the guys on the non-admin side, and have no problems with the issues they have going on right now, and I can see their point. BUT- Personally, while I don’t completely trust admin. I have no real issues as of now. I take it day by day. I also play ball with both the administrators, and get along with them personally pretty well. I’m not saying I side with all their choices, but they haven’t messed with me thus far in the year, so I can’t complain… at the same time, any teachers who are seen as isidingi with admin. are getting shunned, and not privy to the same information that the teachers that are not siding with them. I don’t want to be on THAT side, with the big suitcase lady. SO I have to be in this weird stage, where I don’t act too friendly with the administration, but at the same time, I don’t entirely avoid them…

It’s very strange.

I find myself not hanging out with anyone, as to avoid confusion on who’s “side” I stand. My problems this year don’t lie with any “side” here, but rather with our district. I want a raise, and I want our benefits to be adjusted, so that we can have the good plan, and not pay a million dollars to get it… or that we get compensated more, if we reduce our plan, so we still have the extra cash… and don’t end up paying out of pocket the money we saved by reducing our plan towards co=pays, and deductibles.

I originally paid about $850 a month for insurance… which is a lot… but it had no co-pays, or deductibles. It ate up a considerable amount of disposable income though. I had to reduce our plan to a lower plan, which frees up (after taxes) about $275 more a month, but now we have deductibles and co-pays, which eat up about $150-200 a month if the kids both get sick. If someone has a check-up, God forbid they need a prescription… because those prices are higher as well.
SO The money I save is small because we still end up paying medical stuff with that cash…the only way you really save money is if you’re fortunate to have a non medical month at a house of 4…which is rare. Why have multiple plans? IF you have the high plan you have less money…if you have the lower plans, you have more money but more bills…it’s only a real benefit if you’re single.

I’ll be on vacation in 2 weeks though for a week… that will be much earned, and much enjoyed… and if you’re all good, maybe captain will drop some vacation time post on you.

Well, today has finally ended. Thank the Lord.

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