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Year 3 Day 75- Christmas is coming

by admin on December 12th, 2005

Merry Christmas everybody, yes I’m sticking with Christmas, because quite honestly, we’re not celebrating the birth of a holiday. I know the fact that we put Christ into the whole equation upsets some people, but…hey if Christ wasn’t born, we wouldn’t even HAVE a holiday to be taking off, so deal with it folks. I’m not trying to be in your face religious, but hearing people say happy holidays is so generic. If you’re not Christian, and you don’t celebrate the holiday…it’s you’re loss, then just tell people have a nice day, because why call it a holiday, and pretend that the one it was named for doesn’t exist?

“Uhm we’re willing to take the time off, and have this whole deal that goes along with Christmas, y’know the trees and what-not, but we refuse to admit that the whole reason we HAVE them is to celebrate Jesus being born…”

I understand there are a couple other religious denominations that celebrate days of importance, and Kwanza isn’t a substitution for Christmas, so it doesn’t count. So That leaves Chanukah…and why after so many years of callling it Christmas vacation did the Jewish population get so pissed that they wanted it changed to “holidays.” They didn’t. Most of the people repsonsible for the push away from Christmas have no religious background, these are the same people that want janitors to be called sanitation engineers…my thought for these people is, why would you take the holidays if you disagree with them? Push for staying in school those weeks, not to change the name of the break. You can’t have an arguement that says, “Hey we’re totally against calling it Christmas break, but we sure want those two weeks off.”

Just keep in mind, in America…the time off was geared around CHRISTMAS. If Jesus wasn’t born, we don’t have this vacation time…in other countries who are primarily NON-Christian…they just go on business as usual. The Jewish population in America would continue to celebrate their holidays the way they see fit, with or without a name change. If I remember right, Chanukah was on the week before Christmas break last year 9th-15th, so really, calling it a break for winter holidays isn’t even right all the time. If you have problems with Christmas…by al means spend two weeks in India, or Pakistan…and have yourself a happy holiday…on to business as usual.

I’ll apologize now for not posting much, but not a lot happens anymore that’s worth mentioning. Our school softball team is in 2nd place and playing pretty well, but the old guys on the team, we’re feeling the burn the next morning. We’re too competitive not to try hard, and too dumb to ease off any. A perfect example is last week… we played a double header, which is too much for the 50+ year olds, and even getting too much for me in my 30s. I was getting over a nasty cough, and knew I shouldn’t even play one game, let alone two… but I went and played both anyway, and somehow ended up running more in those games than I had the entire year. I had to beat out infield hits, go from 1st to 3rd on singles, from 2nd home on hits… and I slid 3 or 4 times, which took its toll on my right knee. I was spent by the end of the game (not to mention there were 2 hours of dead time between games) Go figure, I woke up the next day and my cough was worse,plus my muscles and knee hurt. I enjoy the experience though… playing with the group of students, and law-enforcement people, we have is a lot of fun, and since we’re winning more than losing, it’s even better.


I have a student in class I’m fairly near strangling. He’s good most of the time, until you don’t approve of the way he does something… then he’s very hostile. We’re making power point presentations in geography right now, and his is decent, but I’ve told him several times that the main idea behind power point is being able to add a more visual aspect to the presentation. His project is primarily text, cut out and pasted on a slide. Of course making just text is a lot easier than finding pictures, creating animations, and working on the aesthetic quality of a presentation… so he just keeps doing it.

I’ll walk by and say, iHey, you need to find some pictures, and animate them, so that they go along with your text boxes, and put the words in the text boxes into your own words… cutting and pasting isn’t sufficient. i

I say this to most of the kids, they say iok.i and get on changing things, in other words they take criticism well. Not this kid.

He’ll say something like, eWell, I like it, so I really don’t care what you say… i

My reply is something along the lines of, iWell, if you like getting F’s on your project, for not following directions, than I guess, you’ve achieved your goal.i

He’ll mumble something derogatory under his breath, and say, iFine, I need to finish something else first.i Then he proceeds to mess around on the computer doing other things, pretending to do work.

Today I told him the same thing, and he started mumbling something about… iF*** s*** man, I made a report with information in it like I was supposed to, what more do you want… F**** A.i

I told him, iIf I wanted a written report strictly with information, I would have asked for a typed paper, not a power point presentation. If you can’t or won’t do the assignment the way I ask you to, then you should probably see about finding another class.i

Our faculty Christmas party is Thursday, and I’m not going. I know, I know, after the Bigfoot penis last year, everyone expected a grand follow up, but I just can’t afford to buy dinner for myself, and my wife… as well as find a gift… this close to Christmas. I’ll try and post the drawing from the last party though, as sort of a make-up for not going this year with a giant whale vagina or something. Not as good, I know… but its all I have.

Being as we have a new administrator this year, I wonder what sort of Christmas gift we’ll get… after 6 years of chocolate truffle boxes, and pencils with my name on them, I’m curious.

Well it’s off to a meeting that was called by our large suitcase having teacher. She wants bi-weekly meetings to go over students and what issues they have. Nobody but her really wants it, so whenever she brings someone up, we’re going to say, iNope, don’t have problems with them, must be you… i

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  1. Paco permalink

    Slight disagrement with you Captain… while I agree a bit with you that the whole PC name change thing is somewhat lame… “Happy Holidays”, “Spring Break”, etc… Heck, I want the Washington Redskins to always be the Washington Redskins. But, I can kinda understand it too.

    Think of it this way, if you were Jewish, and people kept telling you over and over again to “Have a Merry Christmas”, I think you too would be a bit pissed about it. Just like if you were a Christian living in a majority Jewish community then you would be sick of “Happy Hanukkah!”… “Spin the dreidel!” or whatever.

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