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Year 3 Day 68- The end…

by admin on December 2nd, 2005

So I had a nightmare last night….I’ve been having these nightmares of the apocalypse for some time now, not ALL the time, but every now and then. I had another one last night. This dream was just as vivid as all of the rest, and at the time of the dream, it was very frightening, but in waking, I look back and there was a funny bit about the dream that dealt with a student here.

I mentioned a student awhile back who I picked as most likely to go postal and kill a bunch of people… he wanders around aimlessly all the time, shows up in a class and just stands there… when you ask him what he needs, he says either, iNothing,i Or, iI have to sharpen my pencil.i It’s very random, and somewhat disturbing.


In my dream last night, I was taking a group of kids on some pretty neat field trip to a museum of ancient history. I got stuck taking this kid as well. Near the end of the field trip, I noticed the kid had gathered a group around him, and was playing with an exhibit. He had these poles placed in certain areas, and was manipulating them into just the right spots… then when he had them just so, all these lights shot out of the exhibit making these weird symbols on the ground.

iSee, I told you I could do it!!! You didn’t believe me!!!i

Kids began to step back, and then a museum worker came running in, and quickly hurried people away. She had a very worried look on her face. I went over to find out what the deal was… and apoloize, she informed me,

iThose were ancient religious artifacts, and it was said that whenever the correct combination had been placed, it would signal the immediate return of the Anti-Chirst. Due to the infinite number of possible combinations, we assumed it could never be reached. Your student found the right combo.i

I was so angry.

I went back to school and yelled at our VP.

iWhy the *$#% did you make me take him!!! I told you he was an A**Hole!!!!i

iHey how’d I know the one thing he would be able to do was end the world… he can’t get motivated enough to do anything else.i

So the rest of the dream I prepared for the end, and planned on kicking the kids a** when I came across him again.

I saw him skipping down the hall today (yes skipping) and i had to laugh…I’ve heard that the Anti-Christ would be someone you’d never expect, and well…

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  1. Paco permalink

    Weird, I had a dream about the end of the world last night too. It was strange, at times it was completely serious, and at other times it wasn’t serious at all. Odd…

  2. The Gambler permalink

    I had a dream last night that Jessica Simpson came over to my place last night and needed some comfort…..the end of the world indeed.

  3. Eduardo permalink

    Dang, that is creepy.
    Very interesting and disturbing, yet somehow also fantastic.

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