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Year 3 Day 66- smooching hiney

by admin on November 30th, 2005

So yesterday, I forgot to do my bus duty. It had been 2 weeks, including vacation since my last tour at bus duty…so I wasn’t even thinking about it…until my principal walked in ad asked me

“Do you check your calandar?”

Then it hit me, and I realized I was sitting in my chair, feet on desk, relaxing, when I should’ve been at the bus stop.

So today to be nice, I took on another duty at break, which was appreciated, and I’m sure helped relieve the annoyance of me being AWOL on bus duty yesterday. I’m not going to forget today.

My home school student’s have actually been there recently…although one still never does any work. I actually found some sort of adult there to talk with though… and this one wasn’t wandering around in a daze, or asleep on a couch.

I have no idea who she WAS, but she seemed interested in how the kid was doing, because, well, she actually asked…

“So how’s he doin?”

“UHM….to put it nicely…terrible.”

“Really….well he’s going through a lot.”

I can see…living off boxed food, soda, and playing video games 17 hours a day…must take a lot out of a person. I did tell her what he needed to do to get “caught up” and she said she’d help him with his work….although, judging by her looks, I’m not sure she’s much better off. Granted, I’m being stereotypical of someone with poor dental work, and a bad 80’s haircut…but hey…if she can read at a 7th grade level…we might be on track again.

Yesterday while I was waiting for him to finish the work he didn’t do, he told me.

“when I grow up…I’ma design video games. Tha’t be bad.”

I didn’t have the heart to tell him that they usually like to have their programers be able to read, and do basic math equations.

I did tell him he needed to study more…and work on his math and reading.

“I just wanna make the guys and stuff…what they look like…and weapons n’ stuff.”

“Well then I guess you’d better take more time on your art assignments too…”

“Really…that sucks…I just like playin’ em…I’d be good at makin’ ’em…I think”

This is the same philosophy that gives us movies like Alien vs. Predator, and Freddie vs. Jason.

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