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Year 3 Day 60- Session 3 Day 1

by admin on November 15th, 2005

I promised a picture of the guy sleeping at my home school students house, so here it is…minus about 504 empty cups. Although, to be fair, it looked cleaner last time I was there.


Well yesterday’s in-service was almost as bad as the one previously held a month ago. It was, in fact, the continuation of the one we had last time. That was the only saving grace…it was the conclusion of the whole deal. This always gets me… they had literacy coordinators come from the Jr. High schools, to help us with taking literacy across the curriculum, in order to better our testing results…and they read us a kids book.

That was so special.

I swear, I feel like they sit around and intentionally come up with reasons to waste our time.

iWhat would be REALLY horrible? What would make them feel the worst about spending 8 hours in a room? I got it!! let’s put people in their own profession, from their own district in the room with them for an hour presentation, and have them make a presentation geared for elementary teachers, it’ll drive eem nuts, and they’ll be forced to listen politely, as to not offend their counterparts. Then we’ll shwo them a 3 hour video, and make them write an essay on something…and that’ll be their day.i

One thing that upset me was that the table of teachers from our school were watched like hawks, and every time someone’s cell phone went off, their administrators scowled at us-like it was our fault. The Superintendents son, who teaches at their school, talked for 90% of the program, was totally disruptive to us, and never once got dealt with. Nobody wants to step into that mess. That guy has a free pass to jackass when ever he wants. He seems to be taking full advantage of it too.

I also learned yesterday that this same guy also shows up at our union meetings, which he IS entitled to, being a teacher, but having your dad as a superintendent HAS to be a conflict of interests. But nobody will do anything or say anything. Free pass again. You know he makes a report to give daddy.

“Teachers are pissed about money, and insurance…and…and…such and such said bad things about you.”

I brought a pencil to the in-service this time, so I drew for almost all of the meetings, which passed time quite nicely.

Today started the new session, and it went well. I have more and more kids flocking into my room though. I still plant to get the best of it though… and I didn’t feel overwhelmed today in any way.

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