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Year 3 Day 50- McMorons

by admin on October 31st, 2005

Today sucked. I’d give it the trophy for the worst day of the year thus far. It started off right when I got to school. Our VP told me he had set up 25 pumpkins in my class, and his class was going to be in my room all morning painting pumpkins for a contest today during our assembly.

Bare in mind, our VP hadn’t put any thought into what goes into something like that, beyond… iHey painting pumkins would be cool.i

So my class of 14 swelled to 25+ kids who were going to paint… only the VP had no brushes for them, or any idea that using the crap poster paints we have here, won’t work so hot on pumpkins (due to smoothness of pumpkin skin and crapiness of paint)… So kids were trying to use my new watercolor brushes on these pumpkins, which angered me… they were also not taking any consideration to the mess they were making.

Some wanted markers, so the VP brought in pant-loads of dry erase markers for them to use, which don’t work on pumpkins very well either. It was ridiculous. Add to it the VP was barely around to supervise his class of mess makers, I had to be the police, and janitor for the whole deal. It sucked.

Then came the assembly, which was poorly organized, and just boring… there was a pie eating contest that turned into a pie throwing fight after the assembly… sadly I missed this ordeal, as I was off to lunch… but I guess that almost escalated into a riot.

Speaking of lunch…

McDonalds screwed up my order. I didn’t get the chicken select strips I ordered, but rather, a nasty piece of McRib, in what should have been a chicken strip box. So once I had settled into my chair to enjoy lunch, I had to look at that piece of McCrap, and then drive back to the store to get the proper food… and wait in line again.

When I got back, our Principal was introducing a visitor to the staff in the lounge, and introduced him to all 3 other teachers in the room, and not me… what’s THAT about? I was honestly a little self conscious. He introduced him to everyone but me. Was it intentional? I was RIGHT there… I don’t see how I could’ve been missed. What does that say about how valued I am?

Lastly, I’ve spent at least 40 minutes on the phone trying to get a class schedule for my new home and hospital student. She doesn’t have a schedule, and apparently nobody at her school has the brains to give her one. The office tells me to talk to the counselors, the counselor says they don’t do that (well WTF do you do?) They send me to another lady in the office, who apparently DOES do that… and that’s where it’s at after 45 minutes of phone fun… waiting for a callback.

If today were a Friday, I could at least look forward to the airing of grievances tomorrow around a cold brew, but as it’s only Monday… I have 4 more days of work to entertain me before that can happen. Considering bad things tend to come in clusters, I expect that this weekend hasn’t dished out all the love it has for me yet.

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