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Year 3 day 47= Game Time

by admin on October 26th, 2005


This kid sleeps with his eyes open everyday. He walks in gives his homies hand pounds, then promptly zones out for 45 minutes…before snapping back to reality minutes before the bell rings.

It’s an amazing skill really.

Tonight is game two in our season of softball bliss….and as anticipated it rained today. It always rains on game day. It is suppossed to be clear this evening, but we’ll see…

I’m playing first again, I moved the boss to third…well, I asked him to move, and he was fine with that…so we’ll see how it goes…if I mess up too terribly, then it’s off to the outfield with me.

The week is half over…so that’s always a good thing.

it’s red ribbon week…and today I was working on a sign that said ‘no drugs in our school.’ and some kid said…

“Do you really think there are no drugs in our school?”

No kid, I don’t.

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