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Year 3 Day 45- I am the warrior…

by admin on October 24th, 2005

Today is Monday, and this year, Monday’s don’t have as negative a reaction for me as last year… I don’t like them as much as weekends, but I don’t hate them either.

Today went pretty smoothly… Nothing really exciting happened that was worthy of it’s own drawing… a couple kids discussed some things that might end up being illustrated at some point… but nothing earth shatteringly funny.

This drawing is taken from a quote I got from my home school kid. It’s the same student I had all last year. He’s actually slightly better at remembering things this year, which isn’t saying too much, because he’s still got a horrid short term memory, but it is noticeably better. The kid has moved from living with mom, to living with Dad this year. I’m trying to figure out the situation exactly. I know Dad and some friends are renovating this house, but they don’t seem to have any rhyme or reason to their plan. Sometimes rooms will be disassembled, then randomly painted… then they’ll put in new cheap carpet… and repaint again… dripping all over the carpet they just installed. They never tack the carpet down either…

Things are constantly lying all over the place that would give one the appearance of a construction project, only nothing ever gets done. There are a few random guys I see there whom are still a mystery to me… I swear, they just wander around… they don’t appear to be construction guys, or even very handy at anything… unless chain smoking and mumbling incoherently is considered handy. I don’t know if they’re relatives, if they live there, or what they’re doing there exactly.

When the kid lived with mom he was at least prodded to do his work, here I swear he goes 12 days without changing, or getting up before 1pm… then sits around drinking soda and playing Madden ’06… or watching Montel. Montel is on in their house 75% of the time… and it cracks me up because they don’t seem the type to care about his social commentary or self-help themed shows. Montel isn’t trashy enough for fighting and brother’s sleepin’ with cousins’ which is why I would think that they would watch a talk show in the first place.

It baffles the mind…

Every time I show up the kid is always talking about shooting someone with a paintball at point blank range, and how cool it is. He talks about how he shoots pros all the time. I have some serious doubts, considering he’s wearing the same clothes all the time without any paint marks. I know he does play paintball to some extent, because he’s shot the be-Jesus out of his front yard… but something tells me that maybe other than shooting the dog next door, he doesn’t shoot much else.

If he ever shoots me… I’m grabbing the gun and unloading on him.


This week is the contradiction of term weeks also known as eRed Ribbon’ week here at school. It’s to show our support for a drug free school… .even though on some level I’m sure 90% of our students partake of some form of drug, be it alcohol or marijuana. It’s always good to see the biggest offenders of the stuff joining together to rally around the ribbon.

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  1. eduardo permalink

    I have to ask… what exactly constitutes a “pro” paintball player? Is this someone who plays paintball full time, with corporate sponsorships and everything?

    Now there’s an idea for an illustration.

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