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Year 3 Day 44- Brrrrrr-ddddd stick ’em, ha ha ha stick ’em

by admin on October 21st, 2005


So this kid comes to me yesterday, and hands me a Pink Floyd CD. He’s been complaining about my musical selections for a week, and I told him he could bring a CD in if I approved, and Pink Floyd was the least offensive CD he offered me…so I put it on my machine.

He was totally paranoid about me hurting it. UH, what do you think? I’m going to Frisbee it across the room or chuke on it before I give it back? I was, at first, perplexed by this whole exchange…then my mind moved on to other more pressing issues.

Why do kids still even listen to things like the Doors, and Pink Floyd?
Why won’t they die? I mean certain types of music, certain bands fade away into non existence and we don’t have to worry about them any more…but WHY on EARTH are the Doors STILL popular with our youth?

“Can we listen to the Doors?”

“Can I puke on your hair?”


“There’s your answer…”

I assume it’s one of two reasons:

1) Classic Rock radio will not, for whatever reason, let these bands die…maybe it’s because they comprise half their playlist on any given day…and have 45 minute songs that allow the DJ to go eat a four course meal instead of work.


2) There is a subset of society that will not let these bands die, so it forces them on their children…generation after generation.

“You wanna hear some good doobie smokin music?, go get ma’ Doors Tapes out the Camero. We’ll roll some green, and then pop on some Floyd.”

…and thus the legacy is passed on.

But seriously, nobody comes up any says…”Hey can we play my Musical Youth CD?”, Or “Hey I have an old Chaka Kahn Cd, can we play it..”

It’s because that music from the 80s and early 90s is held special by the specific group of people who grew up listening to it…we understand it’s special, so we keep it to ourselves.

Although I did have a kid make what he thought was an obscure Fat Boys ‘human beatbox’ reference the other day, and he stared at me for 40 minutes in total shock when I played the song WHILE he was trying to describe it to his friends…

“No it’ like…making drums with your mouth…and it’s like….B-b-b-b-b-b-b–b-bbbbbbbbbbbbddddddddddddd stick ’em hah ha ha stick ’em, no, it’s lik-”

*insert actual song*

“it’s just like that…that’s the song.”

Two of the little criminal kids (the jr. high version of our school, located on our campus) got busted smoking the reefer in the back lot this morning…I can’t even imagine smoking reefer when I was in 4th grade…I didn’t even know what it was. When people talked about “smoking grass.” I always thought…

“Why would you want to smoke your lawn?”

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