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Year 3 Day 41- The Fanta—it’s in there.

by admin on October 18th, 2005

Today will be an illustration free post… I just didn’t have the time to make one.

Yesterday was interesting… I’m starting to see dissention amongst some of my co-workers with the administration here. I know a few people here who have been skeptical from the get go, and that’s fine. I am skeptical as well. I’d like to think I just have more patience, and a higher tolerance for abuse than most. I mean to say, that what offends some people doesn’t offend me. I don’t take a lot personally… or put myself in circumstances where I know, or even want to be offended or insulted. I know a few people here who have expected the worst, and almost put themselves in positions, probably subconsciously, that makes them feel that way… which further strengthens their position of distrust.

I’m not saying I fully trust what’s going on here either, or that I’m not suspect in some way of things being said one way, and done another… I am. I just know myself. I know if I focus too much on the negative, what’s happening behind the scenes, or on what others say… I’m done. If I listen to that, no matter how much I like the people saying it, It’ll ruin myself. I’m having a good year so far… I’m not worrying about the admin. or that other behind the scenes BS. I’m not saying I’m not looking out for number one, and being naOve, I’m just trying to limit my interaction with others to a set point, where I don’t get too pissed.

I’ve also decided to put my anger eggs in another basket… the whole raise thing. I choose to put my anger towards the lack of a raise, and uncompensated insurance increases we’ve gotten, rather than things at this school.

Yesterday at our staff meeting, a teacher or two brought up the fact kids were sleeping in class, and not engaging in work. The principal made it out as a teacher problem, and they weren’t trying enough… when in actuality… it’s the kids fault. There are kids here that will sleep, or choose not to work no matter how engaging the material, so then it becomes a kid problem and an admin discipline problem. I know the teachers in question were both really offended that it was being hinted at that they were sub-par in their efforts. These individuals are also easier to offend than some others. Not that it’s BAD, just a different tolerance level.

I did a lecture today on product differentiation in economics…and I gave what I felt was a great example using the different flavors of Fanta offered worldwide, and some flavors specific to certain countries. We even discovered that there are between 56-70 different flavors of Fanta. I used a lot of enthusiasm, and did a good lecture, and as good as I thought I did, some kids still wanted to sleep. I didn’t let them…but still sometimes as hard as you try, you can’t MAKE kids do something they don’t want to.

We had softball practice yesterday… all that running sucked so soon after a cold. I was exhausted last night when I finally got home… plus I drank all this dirt coffee all day long…which kept my head awake for hours, while my body was screaming for sleep. Our first game is tomorrow night, and I plan on avoiding all physical activity until that time.

On a brighter note, my guest speaker the other day told me, that a he’d seen about 50 classes who’d done a particular assignment, and of those my kids were the best. I mean he was probably being nice mostly, but I’ve seen several classes with the same project, and my kids do have the best results… which isn’t so much a difference in educational quality, or student quality… it’s a difference in acceptance level. Every kid is capable of great work in an art class; some just don’t push hard enough to get them there. I don’t accept crap work period. You do not get to pass the assignment unless it’s at an 80% of higher score.

Have a good one….captain loves ya.

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  1. eduardo permalink

    You know, I actually saw Fanta on tap at the Jack in the Box in Suisun a few days ago. For some reason or other, I decided on Diet Coke instead…. but the Fanta is indeed in there.

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