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Year 3 Day 39- Chicken Fight…

by admin on October 13th, 2005


Well yesterday, somehow we got on the topic of fighitng. Actually it shouldn’t suprise me, being here…but the kids got on the topic.

One poor kid told a tale where he got kicked in the crotch, then the kid bit his ear… all of this in addition to being socked in the face several times…poor guy.

One girl said something along the lines of,

“Last time I got in a fight was with —–, over the last piece of chicken…skank tried to eat it right under my nose.”

I don’t think circumstances would ever droop so low that I’d fight over chicken…but I guess, not everyone thinks that way.

Our school softball team starts next week…I played last year, and it was really a lot of fun. It’s a mix of students, teachers, and local law enforcement all working together for the sake of softball on replica fields. I played first last year…and this year, our new principal plays first…I can’t really argue with that, but I hope he fails…just so I can have my position back. I’ll get to play the first game there because he has a meeting, but then it’s off to the outfield with me. I hope I do well in game 1, and he misses 4560 balls in a row… there’s a mutany for me to come back to 1st…but once the actual league starts, then I’ll root for him, because well…I like winning more than bitching.

I can’t see out there, my glasses get all funky with glare from the lights, my arm hurts after several throws, and well, I just don’t play out there anymore…but I guess for the sake of the team I will.

I can’t believe tomorrow is Friday already…I guess, being as I was sick, and had a guest speaker on Tuesday, the week has shot by faster than I thought.

I got a chance to watch Terry Tate Office Linebacker today…I wish he worked here…

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