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Year 3 Day 35- TGIHF- Thanks God it’s half-wolf

by admin on October 7th, 2005


Today’s interesting conversation went something like this;

(I picked up the conversation at this point, wolf discussions always peak my curiosity… )

i… No, dude, I know, I got bit by a wolf… and had 245 stitches… i

(This is where I jumped in.)

iYou got bit by a wolf?i

iYea dude… i

iWhat were you DOING?i

iJust kickin’ it.i

iYou were ikickin’i it and a wolf attacked you?i

iIt was a sled dog, and half-Malamute, half wolf.i

iOh so it was only half wolf.i


The story was; some guy chained up this sled dog, and it turned rabid somehow ( I didn’t get that part), and as valiantly as this kid tried to ward off the half-wolf dog with a carpenter’s hammer, he still got bit several times.

I saw the scars…if it wasn’t at the paws of a half-wolf hybrid, then it sure made a good tale.

The moral of this story is obvious though,

Half-wolf’s can’t be trusted.

In other news… .TGIF, I’m getting away for part of the weekend, which is always a good thing.

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