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Year 3 Day 34- Thursday’s that seem like Friday’s..suck

by admin on October 6th, 2005


I don’t have a drawing today, I started one, but just won’t finish it today…so I leave you with this saying, that really, even though it might make no sense to you…they are words to live by…never forget them.

The classes are still going strong, and I’m doing well. I still feel good this year, motivated…and ready for the year. One thing I’m avoiding is spending too much time with the rest of the staff. It’s not that I don’t like them, some of them are good friends of mine, it’s just that in order to maintain a positive atittude, I need to steer clear of the negative ones, or I’ll sink down too.

I should mention this too, while I make fun of some of the students here to a great extent, we also have quite a few really good kids here too, that try, and are enjoyable to have in class. It’s just that rarely do they do anything funny, or unusual…they just do their work…and behave, and how fun is that.

Today at lunch I saw an old, fat lady with a shirt that said “LICK THIS!” on it, and I almost lost my appetite.

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