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Year 3 Day 20-College is for losers

by admin on September 20th, 2005


This picture was inspired by the group of kids that hung out in my class for lunch everyday last year… These aren’t exact quotes, but I could easily picture them saying this to one another. Notice the reference to the Sistine Chapel… sometimes you just gotta go a little deeper than D&D, Anime, and Gaia…

Today, other than the consistent testicle pain, it went pretty well. Half the school was on a field trip to the college, which was humorous, because 95% of the kids on that field trip were seeing the college for the first and last time ever. It’s the little things like that which make working here all the more fun.

One thing I’ve discovered this year, well, actually, I discovered it a bout 5 years ago, but I’m using the technique more this year is; In order to get along better with these kids, a teacher needs to find a subject they can relate to EACH student with. If you have a specific topic, unique for each kid that you can talk to them about they’ll respect you much more, and do more work for you.

For instance, I have one kid who I talk video games with… we may not play the same games, but because I can talk them with him… he gets along with me better. I have a kid I talk NBA hoops with, one NFL football, one Fishing, one music, another kids (hey, we have parents here… ) sometimes its pets, cars, whatever. The point is they look forward to having those conversations with you… the ihey, did you see the Niner game this weekend?i, or, iHey did you catch any fish this weekend?i I’m sure it’s an obvious skill most teachers realize, but if you don’t do this, then I highly recommend it, it works.

There are those kids however, that have nothing worth relating to; the kids whose life revolves around weed, booze, and sleeping. I can relate to the sleeping part, but the other 2, are better not to discuss.

There was a girl who came back from the field trip today and made her first priority to run up and down the hall screaming the eF’ word… that’s always lovely.

One sad side note of doing more lectures in class is that there just isn’t enough time for them to get into conversations about smoking watermelons, and eating penguin. I hope to try and find more, but mostly they sit, listen, and write.

Well I’m off to see my home school student, the same one from last year. Yesterday he told me, iI shot someone in the face with a paintball… it was baaaaad.i

Remind me to stay on his good side.

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