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Year 3 Day 18-speedy week

by admin on September 16th, 2005

Last night at back to school night, I’d say we had 20 people here. I commend those 20 parents for taking an interest in their childs education. Bravo to you. I don’t even mind you had to put a shirt on in the parking lot prior to coming inside….I just don’t get why some people wouldn’t come…that’s what inspired today’s drawing.

wow, I cannot believe the week went by so quick. I’m liking this focused captain…keep my goals in mind, staying on task, doing the lectures, taking it day by day, and the time, she does fly.

I’m not going to say it just yet, but if things stayed this way all year, I’m not so sure I’d leave here if I had the opportunity…ok I’m not willing to say that just yet, but it could happen, given the right alignment of the stars, and circumstances.

Today we also had a BBQ for all the kids, I didn’t even have to provide my own lunch….that was nice.

Have a good weekend,

captain loves ya.

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