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year 3 day 17- back to school night

by admin on September 15th, 2005

This is what I hear on a daily basis. The funny thing was I heard this exact conversation WHILE I was drawing the sketch for this picture.

Tonight is back to school night. I predict we might have 15 parents tonight, that’d be stretching it though. I think our new leader feels like there will be more…I’d like to hope there would be more, but I just know how things work traditionally.

I had an interesting argument with a kid here today. I told him he needed to keep his stereo down when he was in the parking lot. Yesterday he blared it in the parking lot waiting for his friends to get out of school.

He told me no.

I told him that it was a distraction, and annoyance, and he might end up with some referrals it he chose to keep playing it loud.

His response was something to the tone of, “when the principal or vice principal tell me to then I will…”

I snapped on him and let him know I was trying to be nice, and give him a heads up, so THEY WOULDN’T HAVE TO, and save him the misery of getting in trouble by them.

He didn’t get it. Some people can’t deal with any kind of commentary that goes against them living their life the way they want. Next time I’ll just write the referral myself, and let him deal with the issue that way.

I only had 3 deficiency notices to write this session. Can you believe that 2 people are failing a class where they A) have all the answers to the in class work, because I give it to them, and B) have all the test questions ahead of time, and time pre-test to study. There are 2 kids who have been there 90% of the days, and not turned in any work. I’ve sat there and given them the answers to every piece of in class work, prior to having them turn it in.


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  1. Eduardo permalink

    Seeing these pictures is now officially the high point of my workday. Please keep this going!

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