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Year 3 Day 16 -still in exile

by admin on September 14th, 2005

snake table.jpg

If you remember, this illustration was from the kids discussin their great idea of having a coffee table filled with live rattlesnakes…

If you’ve forgotten, HERE is the link.

Today I was back in the library/computer lab…although I geared my assignments for my surroundings today, and it was far more productive.

I also spent considerable time today discussing the following with students…

1) Why I was sick of them cursing all the time, and how I had gotten an essay for them to write ON inappropriate language when they curse from now on.

2) I spent a lot of time telling kids that plagerism is not legal, and it reflects badly on their grades. I told them that I was almost professional grade at catching them doing it too. I know they don’t all believe me, and someone is going to test me, and lose.

3) I spent some time today telling a young lady the importance of art in her schooling, and possibly her life. I tried to tell her that starting out small, with shading exercises was a first step, and although it’s boring…it is necessary in order to progress, and learn about pencil pressure, movements, etc….she didn’t get it.

I used the analogy of not being able to ride a top of the line motorcycle unless you’d first learned to ride a bike, and first learned to ride a tricycle, used training wheels, etc.

She didn’t get it.

“This isn’t a bike…” she said.

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