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Year 2 Day 12- back by popular demand

by admin on September 8th, 2005

soy sauce.jpg

Nobody has yet to say they’ve gotten drunk on Soy Sauce….but I wouldn’t put it past these kids to try….

Ok so I kind of like putting in drawings every day, the only real trouble with doing this is, they’re very time consuming, even if they look like mutant muppets on meth, they take some time to make. I’ve decided though to open up a sort of suggesstion box…(really just comments), here’s the deal;

send me a suggesstion for your favorite captain post that needs an illustration and I’ll post the illustration with a link to the original story.

I have already begun work on the Watermelon dankie Bong, the Rattlesnake coffee table, and the Savage Pirates.

Any other suggesstions will be considered, and possibly illustrated.
I hope everyone likes the drawings so far, they add a little more visual style to the page, and they’re pretty fun to draw as well. I’m trying to work on a style that best fits this situation, and it seems to be some sort of muppet-esque thing with bright colors, and lots of buck teeth.

tomorrow I will not be here, so there won’t be a drawing to put up…but you’ll be happy when the next one comes up…it’s an old classic.

Today I overheard a few kids talking….

“…Yeah he gives that one girl a ride home…”

“What girl?”

“…The one who looks like she’s in the Munster’s or Addam’s Family…”

“Oh yeah…”

So I’m not the only one who thoght she looked like Eddie Munster…

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  1. Kate permalink

    I think you should draw the bigfoot-wang story with the principal putting in under his Christmas tree…

  2. Eduardo permalink

    I second that.. I was also going to put in requests for both the rattlesnake coffee table and the Savage Pirates, but it sounds like you’ve got those covered.

    Can’t wait!

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