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Year3 Day 5- Start Choppin’

by admin on August 24th, 2005

Today went well. Taking things day by day, and period by period has helped so far… although today was the first day I woke up tired and not really wanting to come in. Once I got my coffee, and woke up, my day improved, and I got through the first 4 periods which are the longest, and most strenuous. Lunch provides a nice break, then I have an hour prep, and on class before the day is over… it’s all downhill from lunch on.

Being as we have the one lady here I feel is on the chopping block, and I’m pretty sure this year will be her swan song in some capacity, I’m going to document the fall as I see it happening.

Let me give you the background:

I get along with this lady fine on a social scale, meaning, that educationally we have different agendas, and ideas on what makes things run effectively and smoothly in a classroom… we also have very different teaching methods. I’m not saying one is right, and one is wrong… just that educationally AT work we’re different in how we assess and deal with problems. Whereas, we can talk fine at a faculty get together or whatever.

This lady is on several types of medication for stress, and other medical issues. She runs a business outside the school, which is highly seasonal, and causes her unknown amounts of stress certain months of the year. Several times she’s had breakdowns at school, or even while IN class. We’re talking crying, and hiding under the table breakdowns.

One such event triggered her missing about Ohm a year due to stress, and medical issues, which she promptly billed to the district (including suffering). This was not a smart move, as it severely upset the district. I really don’t know how legit the entire claim was either, but I do know lawyers got involved, and it cost our district some serious cheddar.

In the classroom this lady gets set off very easily. She fires some kid out of her classroom at least once a day, mostly once a class period though. I bring that up because today she fired about 5 people out of her room in a 3 period time span. When she fires someone out of her class, she almost ALWAYS demands they get stuck in another person’s class. This upsets the admin. because, they get sick of finding new places for all the kids she refuses to serve.

Bare in mind, she has relationship issues with students, meaning, they nearly all don’t like her. Our kids have some pretty distinct troubles dealing with authority as it stands, so to get them to fall in line with a set of guidelines, and expectations requires creativity, and personality to convince them it won’t kill them… and that you’ll help them get the desired results. She doesn’t do a good job at that. It’s her way or the highway.

Her reputation follows her too, so kids already go into the classroom apprehensive about her, and ready to snap should she try and get crazy with them,and they don’t even know her. The conflicts almost always happen within 3 days of her starting a session… like today.

I heard her talking in the lunch room about how certain kids were going to be in OUR classes, because she kicked them out.
Uhm, thanks…

The administration views her as

A) unstable
B) having issues with getting along with kids
C) A pain, in that she causes them to constantly be dealing with kids she can’t get along with.
D) More of a pain, because she won’t just suck it up and deal with a troubled kid… most of us have kids in class we don’t particularly get a long with, but we deal with them for 6 weeks, then get a break… not her.
E) Most certainly close to having another break down, which will cost them money
F) Probably close to having a bad conflict with students… where someone gets hurt, or deeply offended.
G) Not real popular (work related) with the staff.

Those are a few of the reasons, and for those reasons I feel the admin. has her pegged as on the hit list… meaning that they’ll try like hell to make her resign, by making her work load legal, but difficult… or by eventually moving her somewhere she’s NOT happy, yet has no means of recourse… like 2nd grade.

It’ll be interesting. I can see the following actions by the admin. occurring at some point this year.

1) Constant scrutiny and observation by principals, and superintendents in her room
2) Not allowing her to constantly have kids removed from her class
3) Increasing her class sizes
4) Changing her subjects she’s teaching.

Those right there, will quite honestly drive her postal… I’m not even kidding. I think it’d be rough for anyone, but she’ll snap. I know I get the good seat too, right next door.

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