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Year 3 Day 6- smoothin’ it out…

by admin on August 25th, 2005

I really don’t have much to report today. The norm for the week so far has been talking most of the time, and just trying to get through the day yammering on about whatever the book tells me to. It’s worked well so far. The days seem to roll by. It IS the first week, so I’m not really going to put too much stock into the smoothness of this week.

The funniest thing is when a student comes in for the first time, who has been at our school in the past, but has yet to show up this school year… they’re not really ready to adapt to the new rules.

I had a kid who FINALLY came to school for the first time this year. He was ready to listen to his headphones, as he did everyday last year… and quite honestly, it works for him, he is way less disruptive when he can’t hear what’s going on around him.

Anyway, I had to tell him to put his walkman under his seat, and keep it off.

iWhy you all pissed off?i he asked.

I had to explain to him that a lot was different this year. No more headphones, and no more just sitting and working at his own pace. He had due dates, tests, and expectations now. How did he respond?


That was it… and he went and sat down and stared at me the rest of the day. I think he was letting it all sink in. I don’t think he actually did any work.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    So when are you going to start posting some (drawn) pictures of your class? I think many of us would love to see some sort of visual representation of this wonderful group of students.

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