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Year 3 Day 3- Let’s get this party started.

by admin on August 22nd, 2005

One day at a time, One period at a time, that’s my mantra this year. It worked too (at least for one day). I really just focused on
A) taking the day one period at a time
B) Not looking at the clock
C) Just going over the information necessary… trying to be engaging and keep it simple.
That was it, and the day went by smoothly. I completed all the lectures necessary, and still had time to finish my online traffic school after lunch. That’s productivity.

I’m going to try and finish a little of my video course today as well. I don’t think I’ll actually get to that though, but I do think about it.

The kids seemed to embrace the new environment, and rules better than I thought. There were some minor grumblings regarding the no headphones, or cell phones rules, but I think they understood the reasoning behind it.
I just explained to them the edon’t shoot the messenger’ rule, and I think they know that I didn’t make the rules, I just have to enforce them, whether I agree with them or not.

The class sizes were relatively small today, of course, not everyone here makes it the first day, so I suspect they’ll be pretty large by the end of the week. I wish I had more to write today. I’ll try and elaborate more tomorrow, on some of the more specific instances on how the day went, but I’m on a schedule now that entails a lot of work at home, and on other projects, so I’ll be brief today.

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