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Year 3 Day 1 of 182- The fasten seat belt light has been switched on.

by admin on August 18th, 2005

Well it’s official now… I’m back. I’m not necessarily happy about that, but, I am back.
We had our first faculty meeting under the new regime this morning, and I’ll say this, the guy said the right things for the most part. We’ll see if he actually falls through on it. The deal I’ve always heard is that what he says and DOES are totally different, so until I see results, I’ll just assume it’s banter.

One nice thing about this guy, is, due to my previously knowing him, I feel no intimidation with him, which for me is huge. I have no issues telling him exactly what I want, or need. In fact I already did. Previously, I’ve not felt comfortable talking with my leaders, but now I feel no stress going in there and making myself heard. Part of this is also due to the fact I’m at my end with being here and not being satisfied…I’ve got too much I can give, if given the opportunity, so this year it’s Give the captain what he wants, or he’s gone…even if that means working the corner.

…So I went in and told my new boss my extreme dislike with teaching government, and that honestly I was not able to do it at any sort of level he’d want to see, so if he wanted student success, and my success, than he should try and put me somewhere I could be more beneficial, like geography. He told me there wasn’t anything he could do THIS session, but starting next session, he’d try and give me something else.

We’ll see…

I’ve put maps all over my walls, just to drive home the fact I’d be happier with geography, and our VP just popped in and said they’d see about me having geography this first session, so maybe I’m getting results faster than I expected.

If I get geography, then all I can say is this year will be way less stressful. It will also tell me that the school hasn’t picked me out as someone being headhunted. Meaning; If you’re on the iheadhunt listi then any request you make will be shot down immediately. In fact, I think the lady who teaches geography now is ON that list, and giving her a harder class (like government)with more work, would be exactly what the administration wants to do to upset her and make her quit.

I still have some more decorating to do in my room, to make it appear istudent friendlyi This is big for me, because until last year, I never put anything on the walls to make it look nice… I just didn’t care. The fact I’m decorating my room tells me I still care a little… so I got that going for me.

I’m still going to go about getting my resume together, and work on building my photography portfolio, art curriculum, etc. I look at life as being too short to not being doing what makes me happy on a daily basis. If there is a job I’d rather be doing, than I’m going to constantly be trying to get that job, and as of now I’d rather be full time working as a photographer, or teaching art, so I’m going to continue to push in that direction.

One thing I learned over the summer is that I’m going to start focusing more on the day itself, that 24-hour block, and not too far in the future. I’m not saying I won’t have goals, or plans, but by not dreading how long a school year is, or how bad future sessions will suck, or the week, I’m going to concentrate on getting through each day… one day at a time.

… and this day is just about DONE.

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  1. Paco permalink

    I know you may not like to be back, but it’s nice to see the return of the captain.

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