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by admin on August 17th, 2005

(I’m going to keep it year 2 until tomorrow…when I officially report to work.)

I’m back in the cock-pit so to speak. Technically, I don’t even NEED to be here today. I’m here by choice. WHY captain WHY? You may ask. I’ll tell you whyoComp Day.
By being here on a day with no work, or students, on my OWN doing, I will earn a Comp day I can use on a day with students.

That’s what I call progressive thinking.

I’m not even fully admitting this upcoming year even exists. It makes me sad. I’ll do that tomorrow, when I’m required to be here.

I did set my room up today, in a way that is about like last years configuration. Tomorrow, I plan on sitting down and not doing a whole heck of a lot. I may decorate the walls or something should I get motiviated. I expect I’ll be in mourning most of the day though.

I had a chance to talk with our new leader. I’ll just say this. I don’t trust him, and from what I’ve gathered from everyone else here, nobody does. However, I don’t think anyone really has any idea of what this year will be like. I’m assuming the worst personally, that way anything else will be an improvement. Our old leader has been reduced to a mere teacher at the iotheri high school, and he’s teaching the iacademyi kids, which means he’s teaching the kids who’ll end up here. He got downgraded so harshly, I can’t even believe he accepted the job.
It’s like telling the President, hey we don’t want you to be President anymore, but could you drive a bus route in D.C. instead?

iThey want him to quit.i one of our staff members said.

That’s what our district does to people they dislike. They don’t try and make you better, or fix the problems. Rather than help you, they’ll ship you off somewhere that they HOPE makes you pissed, and quit. That’s why I’m here without chance of parole.

Our new digs here aren’t that bad though. I’ve lost the carpet I had, which sucks… I liked the noise reduction it provided. These rooms are larger, with huge windows and lots more inaturali light. I have an excellent view of the other wing of classrooms, and an apple tree. It’s very inspiring.

I’m going to wait until tomorrow to project my predictions for the upcoming year, like I said, I’m in no mood to try and pretend like I’m excited right now.

So tomorrow I’ll make the official switching on of the seat belt sign… and fully take my captaincy back; until then I’m pretending like it’s still summer.

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