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Year 2 Day 9- Sneaky Peeky

by admin on August 30th, 2005

I know I promised to elaborate more today on the new push for stardom, and what not… but I’m not going to. I am horribly busy. Between getting the kids going on things, going over Economics and Government, and a huge photography project, I have no time for a few days.

I will say these two small things though:

1) Today I was going over the tests… and I was telling the kids, ione of the multiple choice questions actually contained the answer to one of the short answer questions… and someone still missed it.i

One kid shouts out… .iWhat a dumb ASS!!!i

iUh, that was you man… i I had to tell him

He shut up pretty quick.

2) Our security officer informed me today our new admin. is running about sneaking peeks in windows to see what teachers are doing on their computers, and taking notes.

I’m not too worried as I’m not really on my computer as much this year. If he DID peek he’d see one of the following; Photoshop, Outlook,, or other than that I don’t surf the web during class time unless the kids are testing or involved in something not needing my attention.

Anyway I’m going to get a poster or two to cover my window… just to prevent it. If someone wants to know what I’m working on… they should just ask me.

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  1. Eduardo permalink

    They’re probably not physically checking up on you, but rather checking their traffic logs to see what sites you’re visiting. If you don’t have administrative privileges on your machine, they’re already able to remotely check out your browser history and just about anything else they’re interested in. Technically speaking, they could even view (in real time) what’s on your screen.


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